Repair, Maintenance & Installation Service.

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European Instruments are certified engineers approved and fully trained by Erlab® group, world-wide specialist in ductless filtration for more than 35 years. Erlab® group benefits from an unrivalled know how based on the distribution and follow up of more than 70,000 cabinets in the world.

Key Features

Repair, Maintenance & Installation Service

In accordance with strict quality procedures (ISO 9001) we can offer a maintenance, repair and installation service for most makes of cabinets

Quality Replacement Filters

We supply and fit only the highest quality Asura® which comply with the relevant international standards: AFNOR NFX 15 211, CAN CSA Z316, 5-94 and ANSI AIHA Z9,5 – 2003. The activated carbon is tested to the ASTM (American Standard Method), assuring the optimal and constant quality of the raw material.

Free Validation Service

Correct filter selection is essential to ensure the safety of the operator, so should you wish to check an application for existing enclosure or buy a new one we can guide you through the correct process. This involves discussing the application with the user, what types of chemicals are they are using, length of time for the manipulation etc. Using this information we complete an application questionnaire which is then sent back to the manufacturer’s chemists who will determine the correct type of filter and how long the filter will provide protection for.


When we install or service your enclosure we follow a rigorous 6 point test designed to check the performance and safety of the enclosure in all aspects of its use. This procedure has been written by Erlab®, and is used by Asura® maintenance engineers world wide. A summary of which follows:

  • Investigation Prior To Control

Before beginning the service the engineer will look at the way the enclosure is used and advise on best practice for using the enclosure, and any changes you can make to improve safety levels and the performance of the enclosure.

  • General Condition

We will check on the general condition on the enclosure, ranging from the mechanical state of the enclosure to the electronic parts within.

  • Condition of Consumables

A physical check will be made on the condition of the consumables eg transformer, particulate filter, pre-filter if fitted.

  • Saturation of the molecular filter (in accordance with NF X 15-211)

During this part of the service we challenge the carbon filter using a Portable Molecode Sensor to ensure it is trapping the hazardous fumes. This procedure includes:

  • Measuring the ambient air in the location of the enclosure to ensure that this will not adversely affect the results.
  • With the test chemical in the enclosure the Molecode Sensor will be used to measure the exhaust outlet of the enclosure to ensure fumes are not escaping.
  • While the test chemical is still in place, the air within the enclosure will be measured. This proves the existence of fumes within the enclosure and that the carbon filter is trapping them.
  • Air Velocity Test

An air velocity test will be carried out in accordance with NF X 15-211 2009, using a Thermo Anemometer. During this test the air velocity is measured at the enclosure apertures (access points for user), test points vary according to the design of the enclosure. Performing this test ensures that there is no potential for fumes to escape through apertures (access points for user) and so affect the user of the enclosure.

  • Control of the containment with air current tubes – Optional

An air current tube is activated within the weighing enclosure and a visual inspection made for signs of leakage. This test can also be used to identify abnormal air flows within the enclosure.