Pipette Calibration

Pipette calibration & service of all makes and models of pipettes. Service is offered onsite (England/Wales/Scotland) or back to base. Certification available: UKAS (ISO17025), Standard traceable, ISO 15189

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  • Pipette Calibration Scope
  • Pipette Calibration Key Features
  • Pipette Calibration: Levels of Calibration
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Pipette Calibration Scope

European Instruments is the largest and most experienced independent pipette calibration & service organisation in the UK (including Scotland). With over 15 years of expertise in all aspects of pipette maintenance for all makes and models there is no better service to ensure your pipette accuracy and precision. This service is provided onsite at your premises or back to base at our calibration laboratories in Oxford.

Pipette Calibration Key Features

  • Calibrations are performed by expert pipette technicians, using state of the art precision balances, who carry an extensive inventory of original manufacturer parts.
  • Choose from three standard test plans: QuickCal, FullCal, UKASCal or we can develop a test plan to suit your calibration requirements.
  • Gravimetric evaluation based on your regulatory needs. This assessment can be made against EI service limits or customer specification. Our technical team is able to discuss and guide you through this process.
  • We offer a competitive transparent service for pipette calibration with a simple pricing structure. We do not set a minimum charge for a day, you only pay the unit price agreed.

Pipette Calibration: Levels of Calibration

UKASCal 3.10 – UKAS Pipette Calibration

Service includes cleaning, servicing, a full range performance check, and a UKAS Certificate of Calibration.

TypeNum. Of ReadingsTest Points
Single1010 @ Nominal
Multi-Range3010 @ Min/Mid/Max
Electronic Pipette3010 @ Min/Mid/Max
MultiPette3010 @ Min/Mid/Max
Multi 8 Channel24010 / Chan @ Min/Mid/Max
Multi 12 Channel36010 / Chan @ Min/Mid/Max
Multi 16 Channel48010 / Chan @ Min/Mid/Max
Dispenser3010 @ Min/Mid/Max
EDOS3010 @ Min/Mid/Max

FullCal – ISO Pipette Calibration

Service includes cleaning, servicing, a full range performance check, and a Standard ISO Certificate of Calibration.

TypeNum. Of ReadingsTest Points
Single1010 @ Nominal
Multi-Range186 @ Min/Mid/Max
Electronic Pipette186 @ Min/Mid/Max
MultiPette48 / 5048 / 50 @ Nominal
Multi 8 Channel1446 / Chan @ Min/Mid/Max
Multi 12 Channel2166 / Chan @ Min/Mid/Max
Multi 16 Channel2886 / Chan @ Min/Mid/Max
Dispenser186 @ Min/Mid/Max
EDOS186 @ Min/Mid/Max

QuikCal Pipette Calibration

Designed for those who may not require extensive measurements and calibration, this includes a simple performance check and a certificate.

TypeNum. Of ReadingsTest Points
Single44 @ Nominal
Multi-Range42 @ Min/Max
Electronic Pipette42 @ Min/Max
MultiPette1010 @ Nominal
Multi 8 Channel322 / Chan @ Min/Max
Multi 12 Channel482 / Chan @ Min/Max
Multi 16 Channel642 / Chan @ Min/Max
Dispenser42 @ Min/Max
EDOS42 @ Min/Max

Pipette Calibration Limits

We can apply limits specified by you to the calibration.

However many customers do not have specific limits that they would like applied to the calibration results, but rely upon us as the service provider to let you know when a pipette is no longer performing. For this purpose we will apply our EI Standard Pipette Limits.


UKAS (ISO17025) Certification

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Standard ISO Certification

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ISO15189 Certification

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Test Report

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Routine preventative maintenance and adjustments to your equipment ensure consistent and accurate results. Our technical department has access to a knowledge base that allows us to support an extensive range of equipment from all leading manufacturers.

How We Perform a Pipette Service


Pipettes will regularly require adjustment to maintain optimum measuring performance. European Instruments has the technical knowledge and specialist tools to perform these adjustments.

O Ring & Seal

Mechanical Inspection

  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Volume selection mechanism is checked for movement and minimisation of mechanical backlash
  • Nose cone and supplied tips are checked to ensure performance integrity
  • Leakage test performed to verify overall mechanical function of the pipette