You will receive clearly laid out and easy to understand documentation which will detail measurement data and test results. This is supplied in a compliant format that will satisfy auditory requirements from the most demanding regulatory bodies.

Using a UKAS accredited laboratory mitigates against risk: Commercial, Safety and Legal.

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  • UKAS (ISO17025) Calibration
  • Calibration Procedures
  • Is a non UKAS accredited service the same?

UKAS (ISO17025) Calibration

UKAS is the sole accreditation body recognised by government to assess against internationally recognised standards, laboratories that provide test and calibration services. If the measurements you take in your process are of critical importance for quality, commercial, safety or legal reasons, and you need to minimise risk, using a UKAS accredited laboratory is your peace of mind solution to good quality measurements.

Calibration Procedures

There are far stricter controls on the service provider carrying out a UKAS Calibration. Both in terms of the procedures followed to perform the calibration and the traceability of the reference standards used. UKAS accredited organisations are independently audited by UKAS on their technical competence to perform a calibration.

Is a non UKAS accredited service the same?

No. These labs have not been independently audited on their technical competence to perform the calibration and the traceability of their reference standards and equipment used has not been verified. Being ISO9001 accredited makes no difference since this only demonstrates an organisation has been audited on general management procedures and not the technical services they offer.


  • If accurate measurements are an important part of your weighing process
  • If you need to minimise product failure / quality issues
  • To comply with regulatory requirements and stand up to the scrutiny of external auditors
  • If you require traceability