We can offer balance service on all leading manufacturers of laboratory balances and industrial scales.

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  • How We Perform a Balance Service


Balance service as well as adjustments to your equipment to ensure consistent and accurate results. Our technical department has access to a knowledge base that allows us to support an extensive range of equipment from all leading manufacturers. This enables our engineers to offer a diverse level of support unsurpassed by our competitors.

How We Perform a Balance Service

Electrical Safety Inspection

  • Damage to lead, plug / pins.
  • Visible / exposed wires.
  • Signs of overheating / Trapped cables.

Equipment Inspection

  • Physical inspection of equipment eg level, draftshield.
  • Keypad functionality: eg tare, on /off.
  • Display segment / equipment stability check.


  • Remove pan and check for debris.
  • Clean pan and spill guard.
  • External surfaces and casings of the equipment.
  • Clean area underneath balance.


Balances and scales are not perfect measuring instruments. It is possible (for a number of different reasons) that they could stop weighing accurately. When this occurs an adjustment must be performed to correct the error. How these adjustments are performed varies considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer and even range to range. European Instruments Ltd has the technical knowledge and equipment required to perform the following adjustments as required:

  • Span.
  • Linearity.
  • Eccentricity.
  • Internal calibration overwrite.