Please read the below before starting the test.

For question 6 you will require an additional document (PDF) which can be downloaded via the below link. Please have this ready before starting the test:

Example Application Form Required to Answer Question 6

Your answers should be placed into the boxes beneath each section. Some sections require an A, B, C or D answer and these can be selected using the drop down option when the box is clicked.

When you have downloaded the pdf and are ready to begin please fill out the form below:

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  • Question 1: Type these numbers into the boxes below.

  • Question 2: Which of these sets of numbers is the odd one out?

  • Question 3: Put these dates into ascending date order.

  • Earliest
  • Latest

  • Question 4: Find the smallest and largest values in the table below and type the values into the boxes.

  • Question 5: Please complete the following calculations.

  • Question 6: Using the PDF you opened at the start of this test, copy the details into the following boxes.

  • Question 7: Using the PDF you opened at the start of this test, if you carried out the calibration on 15 Jan 2020, which MONTH would you enter onto the calibration label?