Calibration of sensors (PRTs, thermocouples & thermistors) & chamber / cabinet mapping. Service offered onsite or back to base. Certification available: Standard traceable.

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We offer a temperature calibration service for:

Sensors eg PRTs / Thermocouples
Meter + Sensor Temperature


range:  -30°C to +140°C.

We do not currently offer a service to calibrate glass thermometers.

Key Features

  • Traceability chains of reference standards used verified back to the International Standards via UKAS certificates of calibration.
  • Calibrations performed by expert calibration technicians using the latest premium equipment from ISOTech.
  • Choose from three standard test plans: TEST, QuickCal, Full Cal, or we can develop a test plan to suit your calibration requirements.

Levels of calibration

Test Report

Functional check of the instrument / sensor. Test report issued stating measured value.

Num. Of ReadingsTest Points


Designed for those who may not require extensive measurements and calibration, this includes a standard ISO certificate of calibration traceable to International standards.

Num. Of ReadingsTest Points


A full range calibration to asses the measuring performance and integrity of the equipment under test. A Standard ISO Certificate of Calibration is issued which demonstrates traceability back to international standards.

Num. Of ReadingsTest Points


A test plan is developed in accordance with customer requirements and a standard certificate of calibration issued.

Num. Of ReadingsTest Points
Customer DefinedCustomer Defined


Standard ISO Certification

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Test Report

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