You will receive clearly laid out and easy to understand documentation which will detail measurement data and test results. This is supplied in a compliant format that will satisfy auditory requirements from the most demanding regulatory bodies.

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  • Standard ISO Certification
  • ISO 15189 Certification
  • Test Report
  • IQ/OQ Validation
  • USP41 (Update USP36-NF 31)

Standard ISO Certification

This certification satisfies traceability requirements for organisations working to ISO9001 and other quality systems. An assessment will be made of the instruments performance and its capability to reproduce results. Standard ISO certification offered by European Instruments meet all traceability requirements, and with over 40 years experience of delivering calibrations solutions our technical competence is assured.

ISO 15189 Certification

Many medical & pathology  laboratories are now required to meet the requirements of ISO 15189. An integral part of compliance is to assess what equipment is used within the laboratory that can have a significant influence on their results. Once this equipment has been identified steps must then be taken to assess the performance of the equipment and ensure that it has been calibrated with references traceable back to National and International standards. Compliance with ISO15189 can be achieved through a UKAS Certificate of Calibration.

Test Report

Functional check of your equipment to verify operation. Tested using references traceable back to International standards, this provides a cost effective solution when a full range calibration is not required.

IQ/OQ Validation

Equipment Qualification (EQ) is becoming increasingly important to analytical laboratories. For many laboratories it is no longer sufficient to just do things right: they must also provide documented evidence to demonstrate the integrity of their data and validity of their results.

Therefore it is important to determine:

  • The instrument fit for purpose intended.
  • Instrument is checked on an ongoing basis to ensure it meets your requirements.

European Instruments offer the Regulatory Services Compliance Package to meet this requirement.

This service includes a UKAS certificate of calibration.

USP41 (Update USP36-NF 31)

Demonstrates compliance with the United States Pharmacopeia  Chapter 41 and 1251 for weighing equipment.

This is achieved by:

  • Calibrating the instrument over the operating range.
  • Assess the instruments against defined requirements repeatability.
  • Assess the instruments against defined requirements accuracy.
  • Calculating the operating range (minimum weight).